Monday, February 1, 2010

From the EYE of a Man...

Okay I might be on to something here so let it sink in and give it a chance, but its OK if you think its absolute BS. But after watching the bachelors tonight i noticed some annoying traits that women have and i realized that i might also possess such traits. Or maybe my new phase is messing with my feminine side.
  • Anyway, I'm tryna figure out why women feel the need to repeat info over and over again. If it seems redundant for me as an outsider then it probably is for the guy.
  • Why do we feel the need to play victim and whine about stuff. Does it have anything to do with the insecurities that lie within us. If thats the case, face the monster of insecurity in your closet and spare him the trouble of hearing you whine.
*How ironic for someone like me to say, considering the fact that I can be such a baby, well I'm growing up, my Baby days are over. Yaaaaaaaaay me!*
  • Why is it that when we have a man in our lives, we decide to focus on other things (like his female friends, his hobby, etc) as opposed to him.
  • Why is it that sometimes we loose our sense of humor as we get emotionally attached to the man, suddenly we are so sensitive and so touchy, LIGHTEN UP WOMAN!
  • Why do we think men should know something that clearly just stayed in our head, if you didn't tell him, don't go off on him like he's suppose to be psychic, maybe you should build your communication skill.
This is not an excuse for guys to be the ultimate jerks, a BIG percentage of some women is emotions, meet us halfway.
Be empowered, this is not to make us look bad, its to empower us, give us some strength, we don't have to be the whiny, pouty, emotional cry babies people think we are, we are strong, can be independent, so why not start.

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