Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A sense of Betrayal

Betrayal is a very strong feeling to overcome,
Sometimes you might decide to overlook it,
But somehow your mind wont allow you to.
You try to dismiss it as a minor part of life,
But again your mind won't let you.
And then you ask yourself why this injustice was performed against you,
But you just cant wrap your fingers around it.
Then you proceed to scorn the culprit,
But then some form of guilt infests your heart and soul.
Then anger arises because you are disgusted by the situation in its entirety.
To all those that have felt betrayal at my hands, I know exactly how you feel.
If you decide you never want to speak to me, see my face,
Or breath the same air as me, I understand.
Its easy to assume people are overreacting when you are the culprit,
The criminal guilty of this crime,
But when you experience it you get angry,
Maybe several outbursts here and there that you feel entitled to!

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