Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baby Baby Baby...

Here it goes...

I had been feeling a bit fatigued and tired and initially I thought it was the burden of school weighing me down. I slowed down a bit and still felt sleepy all the time, so I thought my iron was low and decided to see my doctor. When I got there he asked me to take a pregnancy test, it was negative. I then concluded it had to be my iron so we scheduled a follow up appointment. On getting there, he gave me some iron pills to start up with, but requested i take the test again before taking the pills... so I did. I was told it was positive, initially i thought they were pulling a prank on me, until i actually saw the two lines myself. I went blank, didn't know how to respond, so I called my husband. He also thought I was pulling a prank on him Lol! I think we both needed sometime for it to sink in but once we did, there was no going back. This was certainly the best thing that ever happened to us and we knew we'd be wonderful parents.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Boy Have I beEn BUSY...

What have I been up to you ask!

Well since I last blogged,

I had been rounding up at school, it was rather challenging but I made it and graduated June 14, 2011. Yaaay me!

I also got engaged and married LoOool... For real though I did!

And to top it off I am having my bundle of joy next month, soooooo excited :D

Wow I'm just full of surprises aint I?

I'll be posting some pics and updates soonish... Stay tuned!
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