Wednesday, February 24, 2010

People do the darnest things (Bus edition)

It has become normal to see people read, write, listen to music or even sleep on the bus. A few ladies have been comfortable enough to apply their make-up while on the bus, I do. But then again make-up for me is just lip gloss, maybe eyeliner, but for some its the whole works. I have added a new one to the list: plucking the eyebrows, or should I say, the use of tweezer's on the eyebrow. Classic ay!

Stuck in the 80s

I'll pick the 80s music over 90s in most cases. I know most people are all about 90s music. I have nothing against them. I love those baby making songs LOL, thats what I call them. But I guess because growing up I was exposed to 80s music and I fell in love with it, it has become a preference. I'm the one you'll see at work tuning into the 80s station. My co-workers were shocked the first couple of times, but now they are used to it. I love the 80s man!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Yet another assignment to tackle and again I am stuck. I am beginning to think this school of a thing is determined to kick my ass, but I wont let it. I refuse to let it kick my ass. So heres to a new found love COFFEE, not that I drink it cuz the caffeine is suppose to keep me awake, I love it cuz the aroma awakens me. Heres to me staying awake until 3am or beyond. Heres to sleepless nights and headaches, backache, stress and I will end with a BIG scream Rarrrrrrrr!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Music Mood: V.V Brown

I think I might be developing a V.V Brown craze/frenzy. I absolutely love her album (Travelling like the light). Her songs are so unlikely and random, they are fun and real. The words in the song "leave" kept ringing in my ear. I recommend a listen for sure.

*BTW She is a British artist and her name is Vanessa Brown

Friday, February 19, 2010

Troubadour and I...

K'naans Album : Troubadour
*Troubadour was a composer and performer of Occitan lyric poetry during the middle ages, its also a masculine term)
I would say when I listened to it initially, I was turned off by the song "America". I kept thinking I dunno what the heck this guy is saying, but then I cringed at my ignorance and gave it another chance. Keeping in mind that embracing other people's culture expands and leaves room for self expression, I became more open minded. Ironically, I fell in love with the song "Somalia" I believe he uses the tune from the Somalian national anthem to start off and then goes on to express himself. LoOoove it! As far as the rest of the album I'd have to say I'm indifferent, but I absolutely am a fan of "Waving Flag"(which is the song that sparked my curiosity for this album).

This is Me...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I was really gonna be lazy and leave you guys hanging but decided if I don't post, some people might be disappointed, I already got a message about missing yesterdays post so here it is. Before you judge me, I'm not really being lazy, I fell down the stairs, aggravated my leg by standing all day at work and to top it off, the car door hit the calf that was already hurting UGH!!! Yes not fun at all, had to take something for the pain because i was starting to limp lol!
*BTW I posted a video for saturday's post, pls view it with an open mind :p

While i was in the shower on Feb. 12, 2010, I thought of two interests and how they conflict each other. They are equally significant so how do you balance such a situation? To make it easier for you to grasp my question, these interests are not human, they are behavioral. Balancing them is crucial for me (and possibly for YOU if YOU can relate).

Another interesting info from David McNally's book - Another world is possible: It is interesting to learn that "slavery was not born of racism, racism was born of slavery". Unpaid labor in the america's initially was not based on race. Negro slavery is based on white servitude, it had to do with the cheapness of the labor, not the color of the laborer. Now I wonder, what determined the cheapness of the labor, wasn't it the fact that these people were already "little" in the eyes of the "MAN"? Therefore their labor didn't deserve better compensation right? Just a thought!


Has anyone seen this Tim Horton commercial? It speaks volumes for itself and I love it because it shows a lot about family. I am impressed that it's based on a true story, but even more impressed because this shows the man came prepared with the whole boot, scarf, winter jacket combo he brought for his family. Thats love right there; he wanted them to be as prepared and comfortable as possible. This shows me that his family is important to him, they mean a lot to him.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Recovery room...

One of the steps to my recovery is faulty,
There are some cracks that need to be mended,
That step will be under construction,
So please bear with me because fixing this will keep me occupied.
But if I don't fix it ASAP,
I might fall and break more than I can afford to fix.
Thank You!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day...

With all the love in the air why shouldn't you be happy, smiling and filled with joy?
If you don't have a valentine, go out there and have some single people fun, you can take a friend along if you want. And if you are anything like me, sit back, relax and love on yourself all you can, treat yourself to something nice, fill yourself up with all the love you have to give because YOU deserve it the most. Tell yourself you love you and show the people you love just how much you do.
Hugs and Kisses Y'all!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

We Are The World =)

I am soooooo inspired by this video, I really love it!
I almost cried you guys...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Can YOU Believe...

Thanx to David McNally's book: Another World Is Possible, I have gathered some interesting information I wanna share with you today.
  • Can YOU Believe the concept of a "Human Billboard"? I understand people need the money, but to the extent of tattooing a company's logo on your head?
  • Another thing that amazes me is the fact that for a price of about $6000, a family can agree to change their last name from Dunlop to Dunlop-Tire, How interesting and absurd?
  • I also find it fascinating that a company's president can say "we will protect our commercial rights" knowing that by doing so lives are being endangered. WOW!
  • Margaret Thatcher fought against the British miners' union, this is considered a global offense against the working class.
  • Men, Women and children on Columbus' Hispaniola were hacked to pieces, then sold to Spaniards to feed their dogs.
  • "Massacres in order to control land and resources were compounded by mass death as a result of enslavement and overwork - all in imitation of the pattern first established by Columbus." Columbus? There is a day dedicated to the celebration of this man!

A place of Strength!

While having a conversation with a friend of mine, certain things hit me and i want to share them with you all. Sometimes we females want to be so strong emotionally that we miss all the steps and we end up with a patch work result. What do i mean by that, its like baking, substituting all the ingredients the best way you possible can, you might get your cake/pastry quite alright but it wont be the desired quality.
Well, take for example a female wants to get over some form of emotional attachment to a guy. Most women like to jump to the last step "I'm Strong", not giving enough time and room to prepare their hearts for the change it is about to experience. The strength is all in your head if thats the case and you will realize this when you evaluate the habits you form, the actions you involve yourself with/in, etc. Sometimes you have to get into your weakness to work your way up to strength. The most important thing is to be real with yourself on how you feel and not skip the process or you miss it entirely and you are right back where you started from. When you find yourself concerned with more things about the person than required, chances are you've missed it, check yourself. No matter how many times you sing the mantra "I'm strong", you need to be real about whether or not that strength is there. Have you heard people say that when you repeat something you start to believe it, thats true but it doesn't mean that because you believe it thats what the case is. I can believe I can fly all i want because I tell myself that everyday but that doesn't realistically mean I can. The real "mantra" to dwell on is that there is strength in your weakness, look into that weakness and pull some strength out of you =)


The truth is that I'm too tired to share what I had in mind, but I don't wanna leave you stranded so I decided I will share a link with you, it supplies a quote for the day, although it hasn't been updated since January, which will change soon I hope, there are enough quotes you need to catch up on that will last you till then so ENJOY!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So many things, So little time...

I have come to realize I am not responsible in the least bit . I mean I left so many things undone and now i have to catch up with them before they catch up with me. Where to start, how could I have been so careless. I really need to take some things seriously in life. I always say I will and I really do wanna do these things but I guess i get easily distracted or something. And then when it really comes down to it, I feel the pressure and the stress weighing me down. This is not good for anyone, especially me because I get easily frustrated and tense. Gosh I really need to get back on track.I have so much on my plate, I really don't know where to begin. Besides that I'm where I need to be, my state of mind is on point so I'm happy about that. Everyday I give myself an evaluation and I smile at myself because I have come a long way. Loving my life rite now, I couldn't ask for a better one. We all need to make some decisions in life, they might not be easy but you will always find the strength when you need it the most. Never be afraid to take the first step, because when you take that step, you realize the only thing that was in your way was fear.The mind is a powerful thing, sometimes it wonders to some unknown places, you just have to call it back and put it in check. Well I'll leave you with that... Goodnyte readers!

Monday, February 8, 2010


After reading the updates of the Blogs I follow, I saw a post on Alice Smith and I just had to go listen to her music. I absolutely love Woodstock, something about it just makes it linger in my thoughts. I had it on repeat while tryna do my paper and even fell asleep with it playing in my ear. LoOove it!
*BTW the other songs are just as lovely, love the album!


While participating at the YU Multicultural Events, I realized that Africans need to have more pride in their country and represent better. I guess we don't participate as well as we should because (a) When people are called to participate they make excuses, listing all the possible things they can be doing instead (b) A lot of the planning is last minute and so it puts people under a lot of stress and pressure that they can't handle (c) Some people don't have national pride, won't even know it if it bit them (d) The African associations have a bad reputation and are judged sometimes inaccurately as an unserious group, therefore no one is willing to answer the call of service (e) These associations are infested with guys who usually make it their social meeting, therefore making some females uncomfortable (f) Because there are so many guys involved, it is deemed as an unserious place to be ( no offense guys, just stating all the facts I've gathered), because these men get easily distracted in their meetings and events. These are just a few of the reasons that I have gathered from speaking with people. Regardless of all these reasons, as valid as they may be, we need to have some pride. You should see the Indians and Tamils tryna out do themselves, I found it very interesting and I loved it. someday I hope we will see Ghana and Nigeria, etc tryna outdo ourselves in the Multicultural events. The first step would be adequate planning and dedicated members, C'mon everybody we can do it.

So not working out...

This bloody take home test I've been working on or tryna work on, has me up and not getting far, maybe its because I have a lot on my mind, BUT I can't sleep or get any work done UGH! I'm beyond annoyed with myself and frustrated all at the same time. HELP!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Ok so a lot of things ran through my mind today, but i didn't have my book so i didn't write them down. Sometimes I wonder what kinda memory I have. I mean I'm too young to forget stuff the way I do. Thank God that memory doesn't apply in my education. Some say I have selective memory, that I only remember the things I subconsciously want to remember. if thats the case, I'm pretty sure I would have wanted to remember my next entry for my blog Lol. My use of "LOL" now just reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend a little while ago, when we were chatting online i typed "LOL" and she asked me "did you really Laugh Out Loud?" and i realized it has become such a habit that i type "LOL" without actually Laughing Out Loud. Oh yea another random honorable mention, my IPOD had returned to me, I'm super excited about that, I'd rather spare you the details but it is special and dear to my heart because it was a gift from my dear mom.I love my mommy, I know she knows I love her but she might not know how much I love her. Sometimes even I am amazed at how much I love that woman, when i think of all we've been through men, we are truly a family. Speaking of family, I love my family sooooooooooo much, like you don't have a clue. These people have been there for me, made me laugh, scream, show all the emotions I can men. They bring me out and I love them for it. My little brother rocks my world, he might be a handful but I look forward to seeing him all the time. My T-boy, man thats my heart right there, I love him soooooooo much i send him text messages telling him how much i love and miss him. My bump head bro, men he knows i have nothing but love for him even though he's hard headed and we always butt heads its all love. Oh man, my daddy, man sometimes i don't know if the love I have for this man is comprehensible, My father is my rock, my everything, I feel bad for the man that will marry me, he has some BIG shoes to fill. I will always be Daddy's Little Girl. I should be working on my take home test right now but i didn't wanna leave you guys hanging, so I'm gonna leave you guys with a discussion topic to think about. What is family today, I mean what is todays family about, in times when people are raised to look out for themselves, how do we live in a time like this but still maintain family in the traditional sense. I mean I was chatting with my dad and he said it breaks his heart to see what family has become. When he compares family now, to family when he was growing up, it saddens him and although I didn't wanna agree because that would mean I have some faults and flaws, he's right. I mean when I'm going through stuff, i like to be on my own, even though my family are the next set of people to see me when I return from hiatus, should it even be that way, shouldn't I run to them first? I'm not saying we are not entitled to alone time, but how much is too much?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Version Moi!

I enjoy People-Watching, I guess part of the reason was secretly to pick on them (Apart from the beauty of seeing interesting things that is). I would look at their hair, outfits, shoes, etc and make comments. But now I find that in my quest to express my individuality, I don't have the time to judge others. I guess all along it was a matter/ issue of who follows trends better. Me vs The Mystery person. But now that I'm defying all the trends the world has to offer; People-Watching has suddenly become a learning process, to see that unique piece of art people have, no matter how displaced others might think they are. I appreciate them and the lack of fear of expression attached to it. Individuality is such a BIG deal to me, more now than ever before. The only version of me I want to be is the version I'm made to be. If you don't like it you can click the [X] button on the browser of my life. The way I see it, I'm doing you a favor, freeing you and giving you your options.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A sense of Betrayal

Betrayal is a very strong feeling to overcome,
Sometimes you might decide to overlook it,
But somehow your mind wont allow you to.
You try to dismiss it as a minor part of life,
But again your mind won't let you.
And then you ask yourself why this injustice was performed against you,
But you just cant wrap your fingers around it.
Then you proceed to scorn the culprit,
But then some form of guilt infests your heart and soul.
Then anger arises because you are disgusted by the situation in its entirety.
To all those that have felt betrayal at my hands, I know exactly how you feel.
If you decide you never want to speak to me, see my face,
Or breath the same air as me, I understand.
Its easy to assume people are overreacting when you are the culprit,
The criminal guilty of this crime,
But when you experience it you get angry,
Maybe several outbursts here and there that you feel entitled to!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Response to the first discussion...

Thanks to Chinedu,

Cooking was invented in prehistoric times, when a primitive tribe had a lucky accident. The tribe had killed an animal and was going to eat it raw, when a tribe member named Woog tripped and dropped it into the fire. At first the other tribe members were angry at Woog, but then, as the aroma of burning meat filled the air, they had an idea. So they ate Woog raw.[Dave Barry]

* So was it Woog that was eaten or the animal because I'm confused... and is this factual or fictional OR was that just a typo... HELP!"

Monday, February 1, 2010

From the EYE of a Man...

Okay I might be on to something here so let it sink in and give it a chance, but its OK if you think its absolute BS. But after watching the bachelors tonight i noticed some annoying traits that women have and i realized that i might also possess such traits. Or maybe my new phase is messing with my feminine side.
  • Anyway, I'm tryna figure out why women feel the need to repeat info over and over again. If it seems redundant for me as an outsider then it probably is for the guy.
  • Why do we feel the need to play victim and whine about stuff. Does it have anything to do with the insecurities that lie within us. If thats the case, face the monster of insecurity in your closet and spare him the trouble of hearing you whine.
*How ironic for someone like me to say, considering the fact that I can be such a baby, well I'm growing up, my Baby days are over. Yaaaaaaaaay me!*
  • Why is it that when we have a man in our lives, we decide to focus on other things (like his female friends, his hobby, etc) as opposed to him.
  • Why is it that sometimes we loose our sense of humor as we get emotionally attached to the man, suddenly we are so sensitive and so touchy, LIGHTEN UP WOMAN!
  • Why do we think men should know something that clearly just stayed in our head, if you didn't tell him, don't go off on him like he's suppose to be psychic, maybe you should build your communication skill.
This is not an excuse for guys to be the ultimate jerks, a BIG percentage of some women is emotions, meet us halfway.
Be empowered, this is not to make us look bad, its to empower us, give us some strength, we don't have to be the whiny, pouty, emotional cry babies people think we are, we are strong, can be independent, so why not start.
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