Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I was really gonna be lazy and leave you guys hanging but decided if I don't post, some people might be disappointed, I already got a message about missing yesterdays post so here it is. Before you judge me, I'm not really being lazy, I fell down the stairs, aggravated my leg by standing all day at work and to top it off, the car door hit the calf that was already hurting UGH!!! Yes not fun at all, had to take something for the pain because i was starting to limp lol!
*BTW I posted a video for saturday's post, pls view it with an open mind :p

While i was in the shower on Feb. 12, 2010, I thought of two interests and how they conflict each other. They are equally significant so how do you balance such a situation? To make it easier for you to grasp my question, these interests are not human, they are behavioral. Balancing them is crucial for me (and possibly for YOU if YOU can relate).

Another interesting info from David McNally's book - Another world is possible: It is interesting to learn that "slavery was not born of racism, racism was born of slavery". Unpaid labor in the america's initially was not based on race. Negro slavery is based on white servitude, it had to do with the cheapness of the labor, not the color of the laborer. Now I wonder, what determined the cheapness of the labor, wasn't it the fact that these people were already "little" in the eyes of the "MAN"? Therefore their labor didn't deserve better compensation right? Just a thought!


Has anyone seen this Tim Horton commercial? It speaks volumes for itself and I love it because it shows a lot about family. I am impressed that it's based on a true story, but even more impressed because this shows the man came prepared with the whole boot, scarf, winter jacket combo he brought for his family. Thats love right there; he wanted them to be as prepared and comfortable as possible. This shows me that his family is important to him, they mean a lot to him.

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YaHaYa said...

this is my most fav commercial ever!

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