Friday, February 12, 2010

A place of Strength!

While having a conversation with a friend of mine, certain things hit me and i want to share them with you all. Sometimes we females want to be so strong emotionally that we miss all the steps and we end up with a patch work result. What do i mean by that, its like baking, substituting all the ingredients the best way you possible can, you might get your cake/pastry quite alright but it wont be the desired quality.
Well, take for example a female wants to get over some form of emotional attachment to a guy. Most women like to jump to the last step "I'm Strong", not giving enough time and room to prepare their hearts for the change it is about to experience. The strength is all in your head if thats the case and you will realize this when you evaluate the habits you form, the actions you involve yourself with/in, etc. Sometimes you have to get into your weakness to work your way up to strength. The most important thing is to be real with yourself on how you feel and not skip the process or you miss it entirely and you are right back where you started from. When you find yourself concerned with more things about the person than required, chances are you've missed it, check yourself. No matter how many times you sing the mantra "I'm strong", you need to be real about whether or not that strength is there. Have you heard people say that when you repeat something you start to believe it, thats true but it doesn't mean that because you believe it thats what the case is. I can believe I can fly all i want because I tell myself that everyday but that doesn't realistically mean I can. The real "mantra" to dwell on is that there is strength in your weakness, look into that weakness and pull some strength out of you =)

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