Monday, February 8, 2010


While participating at the YU Multicultural Events, I realized that Africans need to have more pride in their country and represent better. I guess we don't participate as well as we should because (a) When people are called to participate they make excuses, listing all the possible things they can be doing instead (b) A lot of the planning is last minute and so it puts people under a lot of stress and pressure that they can't handle (c) Some people don't have national pride, won't even know it if it bit them (d) The African associations have a bad reputation and are judged sometimes inaccurately as an unserious group, therefore no one is willing to answer the call of service (e) These associations are infested with guys who usually make it their social meeting, therefore making some females uncomfortable (f) Because there are so many guys involved, it is deemed as an unserious place to be ( no offense guys, just stating all the facts I've gathered), because these men get easily distracted in their meetings and events. These are just a few of the reasons that I have gathered from speaking with people. Regardless of all these reasons, as valid as they may be, we need to have some pride. You should see the Indians and Tamils tryna out do themselves, I found it very interesting and I loved it. someday I hope we will see Ghana and Nigeria, etc tryna outdo ourselves in the Multicultural events. The first step would be adequate planning and dedicated members, C'mon everybody we can do it.
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