Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 6

Hello Blogville,
Another successful day of workout whoot whoot!
So yea, for some reason today was a struggle
I think the workout is starting to reflect on my body.
Today I started with my fav (and u guessed right) jump roping.
Did like 100 JR
Then planks
50 JR
50 JR
50 JR
Oblique (left)
50 JR
Oblique (right)
50 JR
Oblique (left)
50 JR
Oblique (right)
100 JR
*By the way, JR = Jump Roping
Took a break, drank water and finished up with 500 JR
It hurt like hell and I almost switched up my routine to make it easier on me but I needed to push. No comfy, sissy workout here. IT'S A CHALLENGE!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 5

Hey everyone, heres another beatiful day
Woke up and had a breakfast sandwich
Drank some water, grabbed my rope and was about to set out
Dad says, he wants me to wait for the plumber to get here so I could let him in
After waiting 30 mins, I figure this might take a while and I might loose my drive
So I set up the speakers in the backyard, hook them to my BB music player and BOOM!
Stretched, drank more water and got to skippng babayyyyy
So I skip 500 times
Then do a rep of sit-ups
Another 100 jump rope session
Then crunches
Another 100 jumprope session
More crunches
200 more jump roping
Then my final 100, and boy did I skip my way
And then I was done.
* Ok so I had to edit yesterdays post because I said I did crunches, well those were actualy
sit-ups. My bad!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


What is friendship all about?
Do people know what it is to be a friend or be called one's friend?
Should some people be referred to as acquaintances?
After having a conversation with my Grl this morning
I decided to share with you, the words I spoke to her
She had been upset and felt betrayed by "so called friends"
So I told her (you might find it helpful):
I realized people grow apart
Some of us hold on to it like our lives depend on it
But really its a matter of the heart
Others decide after years of crappy relations
That when its time to go, we just have to go
When you reach out and people don't grab your hand
Put those hands back in your pocket with pride
And if by chance someone grabs your hand right back
Cherish the person for they have seen something in you
Something that screams compatibility
I love my people
And for the fake people out there, I see right through you
For my realists, keep it real!
Friendship has been abused
Nowadays everyone is a friend
Nah men, You are just someone I know
You are my acquaintance
You are my schoolmate
You are a colleague
You are my Bro or Sis in the Lord
But You are not my friend until you earn it!

Day 4

This is prolly my most disorganized workout day
I started off great, pumped
Got dressed and decided to walk to the plaza to buy my jump rope
When I got to party packagers, they had the pack of 8
So I'm thinking what am I gonna do with that many jump ropes
Then I went to Zellers (here comes my distraction)
I ended up buying baby stuff (gifts for friends)
Then I bought a jump rope, cleanser for my face and wrapping stuff for the gifts
Got on the phone with my friend who was a bit upset
Now carrying those bags home, could have been my workout
But I just knew that would be taking the easy way out
So when I got home I did reps of skipping
*I think the rope was shorter than the one I used yesterday, took me a while to adjust
Then I did some ab work
Reps of Sit-ups
*Initially I had posted crunches, but I just realised that what I was doing are actually

And Plank

plank pose, isometric exercise

Now I had never done planks before
So this was a challenge.
I had my Lil bros help me with the workout
My 6 yrs old worked the stopwatch,
While my 13 yr old stepped on my feet for sit-ups
I hope to continue it tomorrow and add other ab workouts
When I have fully adjusted I will start the circuit ab training
*This is when you combine different ab work in one rep
Well thats all folks!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 3

So Sunday is my day of rest...
For this reason Monday is my Day 3
Well woke up not really feeling like anything
But once I got up, I knew I just had to work out
I made my green tea, drank it
As I was about to set out, my six yr old bro asked if he can join me
I promised to take him when I was done with my workout
Did a refreshing 40 mins walk/jog
Came back to get my Lil bro (had some more tea)
To my surprise, he had invited a Lil girl in the neighborhood to join us
*Kids these days aye
So all three of us set out, walked, jogged, then walked to the park
When we got there, I let them play while I stretched
I found a jump rope and started skipping (500 times yay me)
wanted to take it home but my Lil bro said that would be "jacking it" Lol
*where did he even learn how to say that
So I decided to put it down and buy my own
I'm back home now, Chilling!
By the way, I tried Vinta Crackers (8 grains and seeds)
Sooooooo good (surprised!)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 2

Well another successful workout
Song of the day: Fancy Footwork - Chromeo
I had to use headphones today (Downtown's a different ball game from Brampton where Day 1 took place).
*Btw I forgot to post my song for yesterday (HOT - Inna)
Back to my workout...
It was good
I had a good cardio and flexibility workout early
Went back to sleep then woke up at 10am to take a walk
I had a plum and nectarines before I left the house
It was suppose to be 30 mins but I ended up walking for 40 mins :)
*On my walk I saw an old man who tipped his hat and said goodmorning to me and that made my day. Something about people being genuinely nice to you, I dunno it just brightens my day.
Moving on...
When I got home, I decided to have a dancexercise (dance exercise) Lol
It was way fun and it helps my abs
I took it down, did the fancy footwork, pop locked and dropped it Haha
More nectarines in my mouth hmmmmmmn
I'm loving this challenge
The bf has been supportive :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 1

Green tea and jogging routine #Teamflatbelly
I know it sounds silly but I am determined to have sexy abs in 30 days
So today I woke up after a sleepless night
I guess I was anxious about my challenge
Got dressed in my workout gear
Made green tea and drank some
Had my music ready and set off
Started jogging round the block to the park
My chest starts to hurt (oh man)
I didn't give up, Nooooo I couldn't
Sat for a bit, tweeted, sent bbm's and started again
This time I paced myself, slower
Made sure my knees went high (even though I looked funny doing it)
These old ppl walking by were looking at me
Little 'ole me jogging with Inna's Hot on repeat and loud
Didnt use headphones (they get in the way)
So ofcourse they can all hear my song
No worries I didn't wake anyone up
Did some routines and walked home
Jogged on the spot at the backyard, did sit ups
Finished my green tea
The end of Day 1 (quite successful)
I am really pumped about this
I call it a movement LoOool!
Stay tuned for Day 2

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The way you dance all over me...

... You make me Kolo eh eh eh
(#NP Over the moon by Dr SID)
Baby, I feel like i'm dancing over the moon
I'm feeling like I'm on cloud nine
I'm feel very giddy and jumpy
All the good things and feelings
Because everything is working out for good
I think everyone should invest some time in positive thinking
It is very okay to do at least one thing that makes you happy per day
Reflect on the good times
Be grateful for what you have instead of dwelling on what you dont
Sometimes people think im unserious
Because I always try to stay positive and not stress
I just dont wanna look older than I am
I wanna look and feel fresh
Rejuvinating Baby ;)

Monday, August 16, 2010


Over the past couple of days I have learnt/discovered soooooo much.
I am overjoyed because I feel serenity and contentment.
I was watching the Oprah dvd (past episodes) and
In one of the episodes she talks about writing down at least five things you are grateful for everyday. I, However have decided to tell myself at least five things I an grateful for everyday and believe me it makes a world of difference. I am showing people I appreciate them better and I am happier and at peace with all aspects of my life. This weekend was awesome, to say the least. I spent time with people that matter to me, people I love, and I had an amazing time
I also did some well deserved shopping with the bf.
I am indeed grateful for life!

*I am super excited for a lot of plans I have and I will share them as they develop from thoughts to reality ;)

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