Friday, February 12, 2010

Can YOU Believe...

Thanx to David McNally's book: Another World Is Possible, I have gathered some interesting information I wanna share with you today.
  • Can YOU Believe the concept of a "Human Billboard"? I understand people need the money, but to the extent of tattooing a company's logo on your head?
  • Another thing that amazes me is the fact that for a price of about $6000, a family can agree to change their last name from Dunlop to Dunlop-Tire, How interesting and absurd?
  • I also find it fascinating that a company's president can say "we will protect our commercial rights" knowing that by doing so lives are being endangered. WOW!
  • Margaret Thatcher fought against the British miners' union, this is considered a global offense against the working class.
  • Men, Women and children on Columbus' Hispaniola were hacked to pieces, then sold to Spaniards to feed their dogs.
  • "Massacres in order to control land and resources were compounded by mass death as a result of enslavement and overwork - all in imitation of the pattern first established by Columbus." Columbus? There is a day dedicated to the celebration of this man!

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