Sunday, February 7, 2010


Ok so a lot of things ran through my mind today, but i didn't have my book so i didn't write them down. Sometimes I wonder what kinda memory I have. I mean I'm too young to forget stuff the way I do. Thank God that memory doesn't apply in my education. Some say I have selective memory, that I only remember the things I subconsciously want to remember. if thats the case, I'm pretty sure I would have wanted to remember my next entry for my blog Lol. My use of "LOL" now just reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend a little while ago, when we were chatting online i typed "LOL" and she asked me "did you really Laugh Out Loud?" and i realized it has become such a habit that i type "LOL" without actually Laughing Out Loud. Oh yea another random honorable mention, my IPOD had returned to me, I'm super excited about that, I'd rather spare you the details but it is special and dear to my heart because it was a gift from my dear mom.I love my mommy, I know she knows I love her but she might not know how much I love her. Sometimes even I am amazed at how much I love that woman, when i think of all we've been through men, we are truly a family. Speaking of family, I love my family sooooooooooo much, like you don't have a clue. These people have been there for me, made me laugh, scream, show all the emotions I can men. They bring me out and I love them for it. My little brother rocks my world, he might be a handful but I look forward to seeing him all the time. My T-boy, man thats my heart right there, I love him soooooooo much i send him text messages telling him how much i love and miss him. My bump head bro, men he knows i have nothing but love for him even though he's hard headed and we always butt heads its all love. Oh man, my daddy, man sometimes i don't know if the love I have for this man is comprehensible, My father is my rock, my everything, I feel bad for the man that will marry me, he has some BIG shoes to fill. I will always be Daddy's Little Girl. I should be working on my take home test right now but i didn't wanna leave you guys hanging, so I'm gonna leave you guys with a discussion topic to think about. What is family today, I mean what is todays family about, in times when people are raised to look out for themselves, how do we live in a time like this but still maintain family in the traditional sense. I mean I was chatting with my dad and he said it breaks his heart to see what family has become. When he compares family now, to family when he was growing up, it saddens him and although I didn't wanna agree because that would mean I have some faults and flaws, he's right. I mean when I'm going through stuff, i like to be on my own, even though my family are the next set of people to see me when I return from hiatus, should it even be that way, shouldn't I run to them first? I'm not saying we are not entitled to alone time, but how much is too much?

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