Tuesday, August 24, 2010


What is friendship all about?
Do people know what it is to be a friend or be called one's friend?
Should some people be referred to as acquaintances?
After having a conversation with my Grl this morning
I decided to share with you, the words I spoke to her
She had been upset and felt betrayed by "so called friends"
So I told her (you might find it helpful):
I realized people grow apart
Some of us hold on to it like our lives depend on it
But really its a matter of the heart
Others decide after years of crappy relations
That when its time to go, we just have to go
When you reach out and people don't grab your hand
Put those hands back in your pocket with pride
And if by chance someone grabs your hand right back
Cherish the person for they have seen something in you
Something that screams compatibility
I love my people
And for the fake people out there, I see right through you
For my realists, keep it real!
Friendship has been abused
Nowadays everyone is a friend
Nah men, You are just someone I know
You are my acquaintance
You are my schoolmate
You are a colleague
You are my Bro or Sis in the Lord
But You are not my friend until you earn it!

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