Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 3

So Sunday is my day of rest...
For this reason Monday is my Day 3
Well woke up not really feeling like anything
But once I got up, I knew I just had to work out
I made my green tea, drank it
As I was about to set out, my six yr old bro asked if he can join me
I promised to take him when I was done with my workout
Did a refreshing 40 mins walk/jog
Came back to get my Lil bro (had some more tea)
To my surprise, he had invited a Lil girl in the neighborhood to join us
*Kids these days aye
So all three of us set out, walked, jogged, then walked to the park
When we got there, I let them play while I stretched
I found a jump rope and started skipping (500 times yay me)
wanted to take it home but my Lil bro said that would be "jacking it" Lol
*where did he even learn how to say that
So I decided to put it down and buy my own
I'm back home now, Chilling!
By the way, I tried Vinta Crackers (8 grains and seeds)
Sooooooo good (surprised!)

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