Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 1

Green tea and jogging routine #Teamflatbelly
I know it sounds silly but I am determined to have sexy abs in 30 days
So today I woke up after a sleepless night
I guess I was anxious about my challenge
Got dressed in my workout gear
Made green tea and drank some
Had my music ready and set off
Started jogging round the block to the park
My chest starts to hurt (oh man)
I didn't give up, Nooooo I couldn't
Sat for a bit, tweeted, sent bbm's and started again
This time I paced myself, slower
Made sure my knees went high (even though I looked funny doing it)
These old ppl walking by were looking at me
Little 'ole me jogging with Inna's Hot on repeat and loud
Didnt use headphones (they get in the way)
So ofcourse they can all hear my song
No worries I didn't wake anyone up
Did some routines and walked home
Jogged on the spot at the backyard, did sit ups
Finished my green tea
The end of Day 1 (quite successful)
I am really pumped about this
I call it a movement LoOool!
Stay tuned for Day 2

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