Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 5

Hey everyone, heres another beatiful day
Woke up and had a breakfast sandwich
Drank some water, grabbed my rope and was about to set out
Dad says, he wants me to wait for the plumber to get here so I could let him in
After waiting 30 mins, I figure this might take a while and I might loose my drive
So I set up the speakers in the backyard, hook them to my BB music player and BOOM!
Stretched, drank more water and got to skippng babayyyyy
So I skip 500 times
Then do a rep of sit-ups
Another 100 jump rope session
Then crunches
Another 100 jumprope session
More crunches
200 more jump roping
Then my final 100, and boy did I skip my way
And then I was done.
* Ok so I had to edit yesterdays post because I said I did crunches, well those were actualy
sit-ups. My bad!

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