Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 4

This is prolly my most disorganized workout day
I started off great, pumped
Got dressed and decided to walk to the plaza to buy my jump rope
When I got to party packagers, they had the pack of 8
So I'm thinking what am I gonna do with that many jump ropes
Then I went to Zellers (here comes my distraction)
I ended up buying baby stuff (gifts for friends)
Then I bought a jump rope, cleanser for my face and wrapping stuff for the gifts
Got on the phone with my friend who was a bit upset
Now carrying those bags home, could have been my workout
But I just knew that would be taking the easy way out
So when I got home I did reps of skipping
*I think the rope was shorter than the one I used yesterday, took me a while to adjust
Then I did some ab work
Reps of Sit-ups
*Initially I had posted crunches, but I just realised that what I was doing are actually

And Plank

plank pose, isometric exercise

Now I had never done planks before
So this was a challenge.
I had my Lil bros help me with the workout
My 6 yrs old worked the stopwatch,
While my 13 yr old stepped on my feet for sit-ups
I hope to continue it tomorrow and add other ab workouts
When I have fully adjusted I will start the circuit ab training
*This is when you combine different ab work in one rep
Well thats all folks!

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