Thursday, July 8, 2010

"You young children of nowadays should at least consider your parents before you take your stupid risks. If you don't consider your lives, you should at least consider theirs."

quote from Africa Roars "Behind the door" by Kola Tubosun

As I sit and reflect on this, I take in the moments in my life where I made certain decisions, did things in the name of fun or just because I didn't care and I just wanted to live. I am still a free spirited person, but now I find that I am more cautious. I consider others before I do certain things, I guess its part of growing up. One major impact in my life has been my boyfriend, he is Godsent. He is always by my side, standing by me, defending my honor and truly caring for me. I think for this reason and many more, I have purposed in my heart to be a better person and make better choices. And now that I have made this decision, I reflect on the things my parents have said to me, the tears they might shed if they only knew the risks I have taken in life. When I reflect on these things, I ask myself were they worth it? I would never be able to say because God has been merciful to me, but I have learned from them and regret nothing in life. I will always live life to the fullest because it is too short to do otherwise.


forever.original said...

I just started reading your blog and I absolutely love it. Its so interesting.
--I read most of your posts

G⊕Ld'N RE$↓L↑ENCE Clothing™ said...

I AGREE 100%

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