Sunday, March 21, 2010

Under Construction...

"Never a right time to say goodbye"... As these lines go over my head (inspired by my last post), I realize how time can change so much in a situation. I can't say for sure that i am trying to rid myself of anything or anyone Per Se. I have been looking inward for a change and I know as this process continues, I will be saying goodbye alot. As far as people are concerned, I have already started saying goodbye, a lot of my relationships were unhealthy. Life teaches you a lot, and you have to decide what matters to you. I absolutely love myself and I am determined to be happy and healthy no matter what. I always wanna be positive, in order to achieve this I have to surround myself with positive people, which I have been doing. I know I am making progress because after having a conversation with one of my girls tonight she said, you know you look happier and more at peace now, I agree. At work my manager told me to continue doing whatever was making me so happy and shiny, I agree. As far as habits, routines and life experiences, I have said goodbye alot and will continue to say goodbye to the negative, not so positives I encounter, thats right folks. I am high on life, living it, loving it, laughing it up, staying positive like I should. I am definately under construction and well on my way to my ideal place!

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