Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Not to Scare you...

... Or get you paranoid

Ipod is a beautiful aspect of technology that i have been fortunate enough to partake in (Thanks Apple). But it makes me nervous sometimes. Although, i know I should turn the volume down so I can hear things other than my music (In case of an emergency), I turn it up to block sounds out so I can enjoy my world.
I love wandering off in my thoughts. I love my little world. I have created this relaxed, beautiful place in my memory where I retreat to when I need to relax. Lately, I haven't visited that place and I need to.
  • I heard of a guy who got hit by a plane that crashed, he might have survived if his music wasn't so loud (he couldn't hear the warnings of the people who were yelling and screaming to get his attention so he can move from harms way).
  • I almost hit a girl while driving, she didn't see me or hear the car approach, the scarier thing is she still has no clue that she escaped death. She is completely oblivious of what happened that night.
  • I missed my train because I didn't hear the operator announce that I should board the train adjacent to the one I was in
So I wonder, are these just unfortunate, fate, or could they (and many more incidents) have been avoided.

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