Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Cliche Intro...

Typically people have an introduction to their blog, this is where you state the ABC of the blog. Well i have been a secret blogger for a while now, and i have decided to create a public blog... WHY? Well i was sitting in my women studies class and some questions started popping into my head and i realized i wanna know what people think. No this is not gonna be a feminist blog, Phew thats a relief isn't it. This blog will raise discussions in various diasporas, i welcome comments, views and opinions but please do so with respect, Thank You!

First discussion topic:
Some may argue that the greatest chefs today are men, but didn't women invent cooking; develop and introduce the world to recipes?

Along the way I decided that "undefination" is a good thing, randomness is a necessity, so this is me, as I am. Life is all about perspective, So this is MINE!

1 comment:

TEWEZYY said...

haaaa, your first discussion topic... i dont agreee.... it wasnt said anywhere that ladies invented cooking :P

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