Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lola Coker... Betty Crocker?

Am I the new Betty Crocker?
Absolutelty Not!
But I do find my love for cooking to be rather surprising,
For so long, I had been such a perfectionist, scared to make mistakes, to mess up any craft, afraid of what people might say, the criticism that will cripple me. WEIRD RITE?
The people who seem to know me believe "My I dont care" attitude is due to the fact that I really dont care, well for the most part I dont. But when it comes to things that matter and can be graded, I seem to care a whole lot because I dont wanna be a failure.
Ok so i have been cooking a lot lately and I realize I really love it
Something about filling up people's belly with delight, makes me feel proud of myself
And I'm not gonna stop here, this is just the beginning
Nope, Absolutely not, I cook because i love it, I enjoy it,
Its therapeutic and it makes people satisfied,
I cook to make myself and the people around me happy
I feel like if i start doing it professionally or "SERIOUSLY"
I would start to hate it, the pressure will drain all the joy out of me,
I might resent cooking!
A variety, I am a firm believer that "Variety is the spice of life"
And I also grew up with diversity
I love to try new things and this is perfect because i have tried making just about anything that pops into my head, and many more will come, and I will conquer all of them =)
Last night was a successful coconut shrimp dish, Lets see what today will bring ;)

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