Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I decided to check out the forever 21 at vaughn mills mall, I had been too busy to check it out when it opened up. I was soooo excited when I heard it was bigger and better so I had high expectations and I was ecstatic. when I got into the store, I quickly got overwhelmed. I hate when a store is big and you dont know where to start from because the organization is out of whack. Ugh I got such a headache and was anxious to leave. Imagine my dissappointment. I found a pair of shorts and jacket I loOooove but couldn't locate the rest of it in the store or even find my size, BIG bummer. Needless to say I walked out empty handed. I walked into Holt Renfrew and found a nice pair of shoes I absolutely wanted, I might just go back for it ;)

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